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London’s transport is failing to keep pace with the dynamism of our city. If we are to build one London, we need better, more affordable transport.

Taking A Look At Some London Companies That Are On The Rise

London has been the cradle for big businesses. The country is the home of many entrepreneurs, and the infrastructure of the nation is so designed so that the people get ample help from the government and the financial institutes to start their business. During my research on the topic, I have seen that the financial institutions or the banks extend a helping hand to the new businessmen so that they can operate actively in the trade world. No matter how small the business idea is, the banks will fund it adequately if you can convince them that you will be able to shine and make a profit. In this article, I will tell you about the London companies, which have been carving their niche in the recent times.


Top three companies in London

I must tell you that there is a story of struggle and dedication behind every successful Business. If you think that all these business owners have had it handed down to them, I must tell you that you are wrong. No matter how little the scale of the business was, the owners had to shed blood and sweat to achieve their present position. Here, I will tell you about the top three companies, which are hogging the limelight in the recent times.

  1. Greenergy International Ltd

The distributor operates in the fuel sector and has been commanding a good position in the market. Apart from this, they also have a strong hold on a quarter of the entire market of UK. As of now, the office of the fuel distributor has a total strength of 137 workers. The main task of the business is selling petroleum to all the petrol pumps and retail stores in the supermarkets. They have a bio fuel production plant in Immingham.

  1. John Lewis Partnership

This one of a kind company has branched out inmany directions. But if I was to point out its main sector, then it will have to be the retail market. According to the survey reports, the company makes a sale of 7,759 and has a total of 98,000 employees. An interesting fact about this company is, it does not have a single owner and is operated under the watchful eyes of a trust board. The origin of the company can be traced back to the 1980s, when a young man, with a business idea, opened a single store in the corner of the Oxford Street. The name of the young man was John Lewis. Even he must not have anticipated that his store would become so successful.


The full form STEMCOR is Steel Marketing Corporation. The primary activity of the company is associated with the steel industry. The business is not only restricted within the boundaries of London but has branches in 45 other nations. According to my knowledge, the company currently has 2000 workers. The last business survey in the country has put this steel giant in the third position.

Be it bio fuel, retail, real estate or steel, the companies in London are doing well and making a mark in the international market.

What you need to know about IR35?

In this article, we’ll discuss a few important things about IR35 that’ll help you understand that what this legislation actually is and how the contractors will be affected by this.

We’ll also talk about why the contractors should take help from an ir35 umbrella company if they get caught by the IR35 rules.

What is IR35?

In April 2000, the intermediaries’ legislation came into action via schedule 12 of the Finance Act. The proposed new rules were first mentioned in the Inland Revenue press release where it was named as IR35.

These rules are specially designed for people who work as normal employees in the different organization on the same conditions on which they’re running a limited business of their own.

In order to comply with IR35, contractors need to make sure that the way they work and the wording of their contracts should demonstrate that they’re not merely ‘disguised employees’ but they are genuinely ‘in business on their own account’.

Many contractors choose to work with umbrella companies instead of working via limited companies because they’ll fail to attain the tax benefits of working via limited companies if they get caught by IR35.

Umbrella Companies and IR35

You’ll be taxed as an employee if you consider working through an umbrella company. You’ll pay National Insurance Contributions and income tax on your income.

Contractors who work through their own limited companies while they’re caught by IR35 are also taxed as normal employees. The tax rules of the limited companies are similar to the rules of umbrella companies as the contractors get paid a deemed salary in the limited companies after the deduction of 5% from a turnover on relevant engagements.

If you’re caught by IR35, you can still enjoy some benefits of working via a limited company but they are reduced vastly.

Advantages of limited companies

  • Working via an umbrella company is less tax efficient than contracting via a limited company. Typically, a small salary is paid to the limited company contractors, where they can withdraw the rest of the revenue in the type of dividends. On company dividends, NICs are not payable.
  • The advantages of incorporation are decreased to a specific limit if you are caught by IR35 but you may still have the ability of taking advantage of using the 5% expenses allowance and joining the flat rate VAT scheme.
  • If you’re willing to present an official image of your company and have other business interests, then having a company will be beneficial.
  • As the name suggests, as a director, your personal liability is limited if things go wrong. You only have the exception if you personally assure the bank loan to the enterprise.
  • Both the financial and administrative affairs of the company are under your control as a director.
  • You must keep these points in your mind if you want to stay secure from getting caught by IR35.

Best Beach Chairs for enjoying your weekend on London Beach

When you are going to the beach to spend some time with your family then there should be all the things in your back pack or in your car. You can apply sun screen and you can go for the umbrellas as well but what about the chairs?

At the time of going to the beach, you should have comfortable and best chair so you can enjoy the location and can give relaxation to your body. Here are the best beach chairs you can go for when on the beach.


When you want all the facilities in one chair then you should go for this model. In this chair, you are going to find comfort and shade all at the same time. In the normal chairs, you are not going to find the shade to save yourself from the sun.

After a certain time, of course, you want to stay away from the sun and you want to avoid sun burn. The price of the chair is $49.99. You can look for the more chairs at my website.


When you are alone and you don’t want to bring a bag full of things with you on the beach then you should go for the Tommy Bahama chair. You can add all the things you are going to use in the back pocket of the chair.

You can keep drinks and other consumable items in the back pocket of the chair and then all your things will be saved. The price of the chair is $67.50 which is affordable when you love the beach.


This chair is perfect when you want to spend your day in a lavish style. This chair is of wood and the finishing of the chair gives it absolutely expensive and executive look on the beach. This chair is good for the posture of your body.


This chair is suitable for you when you want to have rested on the beach. You can make it a bed, you can use it like a chair and you can use it a semi-chair as well. No matter if you want to read a book or want to sleep this chair will support you.

You just have to change it in the posture you want to use it in and you are good to go. This chair is suitable for the people who want to make it like a bed and who want to read the books to enjoy the nature. This chair is perfect for your garden as well.


Aloha sand chair has nothing special than the material of the chair. This is long lasting and reliable for the people who want to have rested on the beach and who just want to have a simple chair to get the rest while they are tired.

The price of the Aloha sand chair is $23.85 which is low and easy to afford.

If you need to look some more beach chair ideas, you may take a look at this site.

 Tips to Help Prevent Cyber Security Attack

Cyber security is a broad term encompassing the different measures that help in protecting networks and computers from harm. Virus threats, spyware and keystroke logging programs exist in the recent times, and these are things that call for protection. For increasing awareness regarding cyber security attacks, dfars 252.204-7012 – NoMotion Cyber Security Training Centers are endorsing National Cyber Security Awareness Programs. These programs are being conducted for bringing attention to the shared liability of cyber security.  Everything that the world has come to know about cyber security is that hackers have become more of a threat than what they were earlier. Huge, companies like AOL, eBay, and Microsoft, have been the victims of cyber security breaches in the recent times. So, if you are laid back about your online habits, then this is the time for you to change your habits. Some tips that can help you in preventing cyber security attacks are as follows:

  • Ensure that you have unique and super strong passwords. This means that you must have passwords that cannot be guessed very easily. The best way of coming up with an innovative password is brainstorming a casual sentence. Try taking the first letter of each word in the sentence and use this acronym for creating the base of the password. Refrain from using similar passwords for different services. This is because doing so can leave your digital life susceptible to attacks.
  • One of the most obvious suggestions in preventing cyber security attacks is carefully reviewing credit card statements as soon as you receive them. However, reviewing the statements once during the month means that it will take you 29 days to notice any fraudulent activity. Therefore, it is wise to come up with a specific day of the week for reviewing your credit card statements. If you suspect anything in your credit card statement that is questionable while reviewing the statement, try investigating immediately and determine where it is something related to your authorized purchase.
  • The malware of the hackers take a peek into the private files of users, take personal and credit card information and then sneak out conveniently. What you can do is get hold of the best Identity Protection Company for monitoring your social security number, credit cards, and other important data for a certain fee.
  • Try avoiding all kinds of spams and scams. Always question the legitimacy of social networking messages and emails that request for personal information and money. Legitimate businesses never contact users for verifying their accounts.
  • Public profiles on the social networking sites put a lot of risk on the users by exposing personal information like hometown, date of birth and employment history. This information can easily be used by a scammer. Therefore, you must always make it a point to make use of privacy settings for ensuring that your data is not in public knowledge.

Hopefully, by following these tips, your data or information is never received or hacked by the cyber thieves.