London is a great city but it should be better.

I'm running to be the Labour candidate for Mayor of London because I want to build One London - where we all share in our city's success.

London needs a Labour Mayor – our city is too unequal, the housing crisis is out of control, and the Tories won’t lift a finger.

But just imagine what we can do if we win in May. More homes, better transport, real opportunity for everyone.

I can beat the Tories, and from Sure Start to the Olympics Londoners know I can deliver.

I believe I’ve got the plan to bind our city back together and unleash every Londoners' full potential. I've got the support across our city to win, and the record to do the job – but I can’t do it without your support.

My Story
I was born a Londoner.

I love London. I was born here, my children were born here, I’ve worked here all my life. This is a unique city, with an energy like nowhere else in the world.

I’m so proud of London, but I know that too many Londoners don’t share in our city’s success.

I’ve been a childcare officer in Brixton, working with decent families in tremendous poverty. I was a psychiatric social worker in Southwark, helping those who need extra support to get on in life. I’ve seen the true impact of the inequality that holds our city back.

I’ve always fought to build a better, fairer society. That’s what politics is about. It’s not about soaring speeches, and nice sound bites, it’s about delivery – actually making things better, whatever obstacles are put in your way. I’ve always tried to remember that.

As a councillor in Camden I fought for equal pay when people said it was a waste of time – but we won.

As an MP in Dulwich and West Norwood I fought for and won new schools for our community when others said we should settle for what we've got.

As a cabinet Minister I worked with David Blunkett to establish Sure Start – which has helped 100,000s of young Londoners children get a better start in life.

And in 2002 I was the Secretary of State who took the decision to bid for the Olympics in London. It wasn’t easy. Everyone was sceptical. First the department tried to talk me out of it. But I won them over.

Then the Prime Minister said he wasn’t convinced. But I talked him round. Then I convinced the cabinet.

Then – when everyone told us Paris had it in the bag - I got on a plane with the rest of the bid team and we talked the world round as well.

And we delivered the greatest Games the world has ever seen – and London was the star of the show.

The Gamesmakers, the atmosphere in our city, that sense that our home is truly the best place on earth. We all felt it.

The Olympics were a success because we had the best people doing their best work for a great cause. We need to bring that same sense to building One London today.

Every day I see another reason why I want to be the Mayor of London – another example of the things I want to change. The Housing crisis, the inequality that threatens to tear our city apart, the searing lack of opportunity that robs so many young Londoners of their potential…. So it all comes down to this.

I believe I can deliver the change that London needs.

I've always fought for Londoners, I've delivered for London before and I want to fight for the people of this city again.

My plan to build One London where we all share in our city’s success

Building the homes we need, affordable transport you can rely on, unleashing our city’s potential, real opportunity for all Londoners.

On Day One of my mayoralty, I will establish
Homes for Londoners

We need urgent action to tackle London’s housing crisis. As Mayor of London, I will make housing my number one priority - to finally get a grip of the housing crisis and get our city building the homes we need.

Visit Homes for Londoners now

Better transport

London’s transport is failing to keep pace with the dynamism of our city. If we are to build one London, we need better, more affordable transport which meets the huge population growth and housing pressures we face and guarantees the future prosperity we all rely on.

As Mayor, I will freeze fares for the first year, to release Londoners from the endless spiral of fare hikes. I will introduce one zone weekends, so all Londoners can enjoy everything the city has to offer. And I’ll end the two bus rip-off with one-hour tickets, to deliver real savings for people who have to change buses.

After housing, fares are one of the biggest costs most families face. Over recent years, the mayor has piled on the pressure, repeatedly increasing bus and tube fares by more than prices at just the moment when wages have stagnated. At the same time, commuters travelling into work by train have been hit by huge hikes in ticket prices. For all Londoners, but particularly those on low pay, there’s nothing fair about rising fares.

Soaring travel costs are not, though, simply a threat to family budgets. They also endanger London’s competitiveness. People pay more to travel to work in London than they do in other cities, not just in the UK but throughout Europe. And to ensure that London is the best city in the world to live, work and to do business, we have to address the gaps in connectivity and capacity which result from decades of under-investment. Rail travel in London and the south-east has grown by 60 per cent over the past two decades, while capacity has increased by only about 25 per cent. Transport for London forecasts 650,000 more rail trips per day into and around London by 2025.

Crossrail will allow us to start addressing these problems but, alone, it is insufficient. TfL estimates that Crossrail will add about 10 per cent to London’s transport capacity, but population growth in London is set to out-strip that. As London’s transport commissioner recognises, when Crossrail opens in three year’s time “it will immediately be full”.

It took six decades for Crossrail to get the green light. London cannot wait that long again for the next major high-capacity rail project. It is also an entirely false economy: it is estimated that, over time, the benefits to the country as a whole of Crossrail in terms of increased productivity, jobs and reduced journey times will be more than twice what it has cost to build.

We have to take action now to address this looming capacity crisis: one which threatens to make the morning and evening commute more and more unpleasant and will eventually cost London investment, jobs and opportunities as businesses decide they’ll set up in those cities which offer a 21st century transport infrastructure.

Air Quality

London’s air quality is among the worst in Europe. We rank below cities such as Berlin, Amsterdam and Paris, and – internationally – our air is more polluted than cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago and Sydney. Central London in particular regularly breaches the legal limits for air pollution.

As Mayor, I will;

  • Pedestrianise Oxford Street in order to clean up London's air, as a first step to making London a walking city
  • Aim to commission only zero-emission capable buses from 2020
  • Encourage the development of a leasing scheme to help taxi drivers make the jump to zero-emission capable cabs
  • Ensure that plans to extend London Charging infrastructure and establish a Paris-style car club are delivered by 2018
  • Have air pollution monitors installed at ‘buggy level’ to help parents understand the effect of poor air quality

Air quality is not just an environment issue, it is a public health emergency. Pollution is a silent killer: London's Clean Air campaign estimates that almost 7,500 deaths in London each year can be attributed to air-quality related illnesses; in some parts of the capital one in 12 deaths are partly caused by the effects of particle air pollution.

Our children and elderly bear the brunt of the pollution with our cars choke London’s air. I find deeply disturbing the thought of mums pushing buggies near the North Circular Road knowing their babies are inhaling the most toxic fumes in London. Or that a child’s walk to school is putting their health in serious danger.
Over 1,000 London schools are within 150 metres of roads on which 10,000 or more vehicles travel each day – putting our children and young people at risk of developing asthma, with evidence also suggesting stunted lung growth.

At the same time, high pollution levels increase the chance that London’s elderly people will suffer life-threatening cardiovascular diseases.

I will ensure that TfL leads by example putting London's buses, taxis and car clubs on the path to all-electric technology.

Connecting London

A One London transport policy will also address London’s connectivity challenge. South London has a patchwork of unintegrated, underdeveloped and poorly managed local and suburban main line rail services. Its 227 stations, many of them bleak and untouched for a century, symbolise the second-class service south Londoners get – as their commute plays second fiddle to the demands of the long-distance rail firms. This is a key part of the north-south divide my One London transport plan will overcome.

As well as closing the north-south side divide, my One London transport plan will also close the Thames chasm. London is moving east: Tower Hamlets, Newham, Barking and Dagenham and Havering on the north bank, Southwark, Lewisham, Greenwich and Bexley on the south, are projected to provide nearly half of London’s new housing over the coming decades.

But east of Tower Bridge, cars, bikes, buses and trucks have to battle the daily bottlenecks around the Blackwall and Rotherhithe tunnels, while the North Greenwich cable car carries fewer passengers in a week than a bridge or tunnel would carry in 10 minutes. Sadly, in cancelling the Greenwich to Newham bridge on taking office in 2008, the mayor has simply compounded this massive obstacle to growth and prosperity in London.

I understand why many Londoners choose to own a car. But much of London is a car park: its roads are clogged, but most cars sit idle most of the time – 14 per cent of the city’s real estate is occupied by parked cars. Many Londoners want an alternative: the mobility a car provides without the hassle and cost of owning one.


More and more Londoners are cycling – but cycling in London is still far too risky. I want to champion cycling safety so that more people in London, particularly women and older people, have the confidence to cycle.

Cycling is win-win – good for health, reduces congestion on buses tubes and roads, and reduces air pollution. We should be doing everything we can to ensure this is a welcoming city for cyclists.

London today is not truly fit for cyclists – and lives are being put at risk.

If I am Mayor, I will:

  • Use the convening power of the Mayor to ensure that all primary and secondary schools offer cycling proficiency courses called ‘bikeability’ – and promote cycling proficiency courses among adults
  • Accelerate the completion of the Better Junctions programme – with all 33 junctions to be completed before 2020
  • Ensure that all HGVs become ‘cyclist-safe,’ with driver vision cabs that improve visibility and eliminate blind spots.
  • Ensure that the Metropolitan Police enforce 20 mph roads where they have been designated by TfL and the boroughs
  • Continue with the proposed work to create an all-London cycling network
  • Let’s make London a city fit for cyclists, fit for Londoners and fit for a healthy future.

Opportunity for all

I want to build One London – where we all share in our city’s success. But today, too many Londoners feel like the opportunity in our city isn’t for them.

For many children and young people, London is the greatest city in the world to grow up. It is a city of huge opportunities and excitement; the best schools in the country; and real cultural vibrancy. But these experiences are not ones shared by all of London’s children and young people. This damaging divide tears at the social fabric of our city entrenching inequality for generations to come.

Despite being the nation’s richest region, London has some of the highest rates of child poverty in Britain. Nearly 4 in 10 of London’s children grow up in poverty. In some boroughs, that figure reaches close to 50 per cent. But, underlining the gulf in wealth and opportunity in our city, that figure is two-thirds lower in the capital’s most prosperous boroughs.

And too many Londoners work hard but don’t receive a fair day’s pay for a hard day’s work. That has to change. Everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the best of London.

Restoring Sure Start - giving every child, every chance

I’ll restore Sure Start to its founding principles – and make this promise to Londoners: we’ll make sure every child, has every chance. That’s what building One London is all about.

Read my plan for Sure Start

Fair Pay

London is home to more billionaires than any other city on earth, and yet last year – thanks to low pay, delays and cuts in benefits, sickness and debt – nearly 100,000 Londoners were forced to use a foodbank.

My plan to end poverty pay

Helping young Londoners into
a decent job

London is failing to provide our young people with the experience and skills both they and our businesses need to succeed in the global economy.

My plan for young Londoners

10 things to do before you’re 10

My promise to London children – every child should be able to enjoy the rich experience of childhood beyond school.

Find out more

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One London

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“I'm on Team Tessa because she has the energy, the ideas, the enthusiasm and the intelligence to unite London and make it an even better place to live and work in.”


“I’m on #TeamTessa because she has the appeal and the record to win!”


“Tessa was my MP for most of my life and I know she can deliver for London as she’s done for the Olympics – and she was very supportive for young people and carried them along with her!”


“I’m backing Tessa because we need to build more homes for Londoners & she’s the candidate who’s already proven she can deliver”

Become a Supporter

1.5 million Londoners voted Labour in May, yet the vast majority of those have no democratic voice in this selection. We want to change that. We want as many Londoners as possible to have their voices heard during this campaign.

With the introduction of registered and affiliated supporters, this selection presents a real opportunity to engage with Londoners beyond our traditional base. We can only win this selection if we build a movement. A movement needs people, and that means you.

There are three ways you can have your say in this election:

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Moving Abroad – Advantages and disadvantages of an Aadhar Card in India

Do you know what an Aadhar card is? Well, it is a unique Identification evidence that Indian Government has given to all of the citizens residing in India in the present day. Aadhar is particularly a specific identification of a person living in the India.

Those who are unaware of the Aadhar card should know that it is a combination of 12-digit numbers that differentiate you from other Indian citizens. In order to check the status of the Aadhar card, you can access the official website of the UAIDAI, where you will be required to enter your Aadhar number and the status will appear instantly on your screen.

Indian Government is planning to use Aadhar card for the various other important purposes instead of just limiting it to the identity. Here are some expected uses:

Advantages of Aadhar Card: –

Disadvantages of Aadhar Card: –

There are several advantages and disadvantages of Aadhar card but we hope that the Government will overcome these issues and will turn the disadvantages into advantages.

DVLA Contact Number Can Save You Time

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DLVA) has been known to take it’s sweet time with everything that it does, but with this new contact number you maybe able to skip the super long lines and get to your license much quicker.  There have been issues in the past with lines taking forever and infrastructure inhibiting the United Kingdoms ability to move efficiently with all aspects of licensing.

In order to fix this Her Majesty The Queen has announced a new hotline number available to anyone that is up for registration renewal of their license.  The new expedited plan will be put together by the company VisiTalk who was said to have helped after the DLVA collapse following Brexit.  The first round of registration renewals will begin at the start of every year for the following time to come.

If you need to wait in line at the DLVA and are looking for a hotline to help with your registration renewal, then here are some tips to consider:

There are several other ways to maximize the benefits of registering for renewing your license at the DLVA and it is advisable that anyone waiting to renew registration contact the hotline in advance.  Government workers at the offices of the DLVA will most certainly be excited to hear the news as it will help move their ability to produce licenses in a more effective manner.

Supposedly in another 50 years it is said that the DLVA will be involved in registering the use of microchips and body scanners within citizens of the United Kingdom, which is supposed to be great for morale.

Emerging Financial Markets and Trade Deficits

Actually, there’s no such place, at least not that I know of. The reason I
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The number of people who enjoy and prefer to invest from their home is
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Using your computer to do research on the stocks you want to buy will
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There are many good personal finance sites available online.

I enjoy the “Kiplinger” online personal finance site. I’ve included a sample
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The last thing I want to say is this.

You’ll never make money in the stock market if you’re sitting comfortably
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Good Luck and Great Success
Charles Bulge

Law Coaching and Advice For Londoners

Getting a law degree from a well-reputed law college is not that will make you a good lawyer. You have to get the right coaching and learn the techniques to handle a variety of cases. A new lawyer has to work with an experienced lawyer or a well-reputed law firm to understand the complications of the law world and develop the capacity to be a good lawyer. There are legally Ally attorney coaching institutions that are working to serve this purpose. They aim to build a strong team of lawyers that can deal with all kinds of legalities and clients. There are three major aspects of attorney coaching. They are:

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It is important to understand that you are responsible and accountable for your actions. Coaching services provide you the support system; structure and disciple that you need to achieve a successful and fulfilling career. Coaching is not only for the beginners if you have been practicing for quite a while and want to bring some positive changes in your practice or wish to learn new techniques, but you are also eligible for a coaching candidate.

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Financial Risks Abroad : Norwegian Credit

foreign trading

The following can be translated using Google and has been taken from an excerpt from Norwegians for Independent Financial Institutions:

Få oversikten og velg det beste lånet

Det er verdt pengene å sette seg ned og se litt på hvem som kan tilby deg den beste avtalen. Hvem har den laveste renten best fordeler, største lånebeløp osv. Långivere har også noen krav til deg som en potensiell låner, som du må leve opp til – men det er forbrukerens marked, hvor du kan velge og vrake. Før skulle du vise hva du kan tilby dem i retur – i dag er setene byttet om. Hva kan de tilby deg? Hos KapitalKassen kan du låne penger til hva du vil, og du kan låne dem her og nå uten å spørre noen om tillatelse. Det er dine penger, og det er ditt liv. Med et raskt lån her og nå er du bare øyeblikk unna å realisere og leve ut dine drømmer.


Hva som er det beste lånet vil variere fra person til person. Noen vil kanskje si, at det beste lånet er der hvor renten er lavest. Andre vil kanskje si, at det beste forbrukslånet er hvor du får låne mest. Da, er det greit med en rettferdig og nøytral oppstilling av de mulighetene du har. Andre gjør jobben for deg hver dag, alt du trenger er å ta et valg. Og søk gjerne lån flere steder.


Les mer om forbrukslån på

Lån fornuftig med hjelp fra

Nå skal det understrekes, at de som kommer best ut av det med forbrukslån og usikrede lån generelt, er de som klarer å holde økonomien stabil, selv med en ekstra utgift, som jo et forbrukslån vil bli. Ta noen forhåndsregler, også på lang sikt, slik at du får mer rom i økonomien. Forbrukslån er genialt for de som trenger penger på kort sikt til å leve ut drømmen, eller bare til hverdagslige formål. Det er nok en god grunn til at du er på utkikk etter forbrukslån – Du har ikke nok penger til det du vil ha. Det er helt okay, og ikke en uvanlig situasjon, og forbrukslån kan være et godt alternativ til å spare i lang tid. Men, hvis du skal komme godt ut av det og ikke komme i låneklemma, er det viktig at du følger budsjettplanen din slik du har planlagt det. Det er enkelt å finne budsjettmaler på nettet, hvor du kan lage en oppstilling av alle utgifter og inntekter du har, slik at du får best mulig oversikt.

Award Of Excellence : Housing Remodel Tax Credits

If you are looking to maximize your tax breaks here within the UK then correlate your desired need to the following sites.  These businesses have been around to help track government expenditures and get every Londoner the money they deserve.  The Award of Excellence is only given to London Based Businesses that exceed what is expected of them and helps ensure that Londoners are getting the best out of their housing tax benefits.

For Remodeling Tax Credits In London:

All of these contractors have met the bill for the most recent tax breaks and will be awarded the Award of Excellence.  These contractors can be trusted to give Londoners what they need to get when choosing to remodel, reroof, or flow screed their home.  As the months progress, Tessa.London will be looking to add more trustworthy sites to the Circle of Excellence Award.

As the site gets more popular we will also add all the latest homebuilders that are members of our communities and help Londoners get the most out of their tax breaks. Contact us for more information or help on local companies doing good remodeling work for the people of the UK.


Housing Tax Breaks For Londoners : International Investments

Londoners now have a multitude of ways that they can save money on their taxes, of which multiple guides are available on Royal Greenwhich Website. These tax breaks can help you in many ways by adding more value to your home.  If you are looking for international exposure on tax breaks then we advise you looking into these partners overseas.

When choosing to invest in a foreign market then make sure you are going with trustworthy Real Estate Agents when dealing with American Business Dealings.  Our data on foreign investments say these are viable options for Real Estate, Finance, and other types of foreign investing.

Real Estate Investing Abroad:

Austin-Area Home Sales Up 35 Percent, Most Home Sales on Record

Last Month– According to recent reports published by the Austin Board of Realtors, this past month, the Austin real estate market set a new record for residential sales. 3,135 single family homes were sold in the month of July, eclipsing the previous record set all the way back in the summer of 2006. The number marked a thirty five percent increase in sales compared to July of last year. The strong Austin economy, job growth and an expected rise in mortgage rates can all be considered contributors to the record setting month. On average, homes spent 41 days on market, a decrease of 23 days from the previous year. Median price rose to $228,250, an eight percent increase over July 2012. Despite the fact that new listings were up 22 pct for the month, overall, available inventory is down 20 pct due to increased sales.

Year to Date: Through the first seven months of 2013, single family (21%), condo (24%), ranch (28%) and lot (25%) sales are all up between 20-30% compared to the same period in 2012. As a result of increased demand, median (7.6%) and average sale price (8.7%) are both up considerably for the year. On average, homes are staying on the market for 48 days ahead of sale this year compared to 66 days in 2012. That said, the median number of days on market sits at 18, which means that half of the homes sold for this year are selling in less than three weeks. Despite the fact that active inventory levels are down, new listings are actually up 7% this year, offset by the 21 percent increase in sales and 17 percent bump in pending contracts.

The Hottest Sub-Markets: As we all know, real estate trends can vary considerably in different sub-markets. Here is a list of some of the hottest local sub-markets based on increased sales, decreased inventory and price increases. Three of the top 10 markets in the Austin area right now are in SWR –  Top Real Estate In Austin Texas : Top Realtors . The MLS areas 10N, 10S and SWW – south of 290, between I-35 and spanning west to 290/1826, collectively sold 185 homes in July with another 182 under contract and a little over 1 month on available inventory. On average, homes are selling in 15-18 days in those submarkets. Next is the area defined as CLS or Cedar Park/Leander South. Prices increased 10% in July (y/o/y) with 180 sales, 139 pending contracts and less than 1 month of inventory. Other areas ranking among the top 10 hottest area submarkets include: areas 1N/NW in Northwest Austin and areas 2/2N in Northeast Austin with substantial year over year sales price increases and inventory levels hovering just above 1 month. All seller’s markets to be sure!

Townhouses & Condominiums: The volume of townhouses and condos purchased in July increased 31 percent compared to last year (361 sales). The median sale price for Austin-area condos for July was $180,000, which was down 4 percent from the same month in 2012. Properties spent 20 percent less time on market, an average of 47 days. For the year, average sale price is up 8.5% and median price up 5.7%. Half of the condos units sold in 2013 have done so in less than 20 days. Available condo inventory sits at 2.4 months.

Rental Market: In July 2013, a total of 2103 properties were leased in Austin, nine percent more than July 2012. The median price for Austin-area leases was $1,400, four percent more than the same month of the prior year. Aside from a 3.5% average lease price increase (year to date), the lease market in Austin has remained fairly consistent. There is only 1.2 months of available lease inventory, explaining why leases are signing at 99.8% of list price.

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