City Electricity Sources

Do you have any idea that about where the energy comes from when you hit the power button on your TV remote or flip on a ceiling fan?

Well, it’s very hard to find out the exact sources of electricity for the present day whether it is coming from nuclear, wind or coal resources.

But you can find out the sources of power where it came from to your home over the course of a year. Every three months all the energy suppliers and alternative suppliers are required to file an environment disclosure form to the state in which they describe their power source of the past 12 months.

Here we are going to talk about some useful sources of city electricity.

Steam Turbines: –

Kinetic energy of a moving fluid is turned into the mechanical energy in the turbine. There are series of blades mounted on a shaft in the steam turbine that are used to force the steam. Depending on the connection between electricity and magnetism the Mechanical energy of the generator is then turned into the electrical energy.

In order to heat water in a boiler the fuel is burned in a furnace in the steam turbines powered by fossil fuels which produces steam as a result.

Fossil Fuels: –

Around 33% of the electricity of United States was produced with the help of coal.

Natural gas can be used to generate hot combustion gases as well as heating water for steam. Turbine’s blades are moved in this procedure through a natural gas turbine to produce electricity. At the times of extreme requirement of electricity, the natural gas turbines are used. The natural gas fuelled the 33% of U.S electricity in 2015.

Hot combustion gases can be produced by burning the petroleum. The main factors that are used in steam turbines include petroleum coke, residual fuel oil, and products from refining crude oil.

Diesel-engine generators use the distillate fuel oil. In 2015, less than 1% of all electricity was generated using the petroleum in the United States.

Nuclear power: –

In order to create steam, the nuclear fission is used to produce electricity by Nuclear power plants. In the east of Mississippi River, most of the nuclear power plants are located in United states. Around 20% of all U.S electricity was generated using the Nuclear power.

Renewable energy sources: –

Around 6% of U.S electricity was generated by Hydropower in 2015. In this procedure, they spin the turbine using the flowing water while the turbine is linked to a generator.

Wind power is another source of electricity generation in which wind energy is converted into electricity. Since 1970, wind power has significantly increased the electricity generation in the United States. In 2015, almost 5% of U.S electricity generation was provided with the help of wind power.

Biomass is another source of electricity generation which is a material taken from animals or plants and includes food scraps, leaves, lumber and paper mill wastes, paper, grass, and wood in municipal solid waste. In 2015, around 2% electricity was generated using Biomass in United States.

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