Free games you can play when visiting London

London is one of the most popular places of the world that everybody loves to visit at least once in their life. There are multiple things available here that increase the value of this place.

Travelling to London

Every year thousands of visitors come to visit London for some reason. Some of them come to see the posh lifestyle of this place, others come to see the beauty of this place.

London Eye and Tower Bridge are two most popular places of London that add more value to the beauty of this place. The problem for some travelers is that London is a distant place for some visitors and sometimes it takes hours to reach this beautiful place. Those, who’re not regular travelers, get tired and bored when traveling to their destination.

Visiting London

This problem is not only for traveling to London from your country but the problem keeps appearing consistently even when you’re visiting different locations in London. The reason is that most of the monuments and popular places are located at a wide distance in London and you need to travel for hours to move from one place to another.

Usually, people travel by bus or subway or sometimes they use a cab service like Uber. However, traveling for hours makes them feel dull and bored and they try to find a way that can keep them busy. Weighing out the cost of making money to play games is the hardest thing to do sometimes.  You can’t even communicate to someone else there because most of the people in London are extremely busy in their life and you’re unable to find someone for communication while traveling.

The best way to stay active during your tour is to play several online games that can keep you busy and awake. There are plenty of online free games that you can play to stay busy during your journey but we recommend that you play the games that are suitable to the environment. Here are a few games that you can play if you’re going on a visit to London.

Subway Surfer (London Tour)

What can be more interesting than playing subway surfer while traveling in the London through the subway? It will be an amazing experience for you. Thousands of people travel through subway every day and that’s the major reason for the popularity of Subway Surfer. We recommend that you play this game while traveling on the subway as it will be a great way of fun and entertainment there.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is another amazing game of the present time that you can play when visiting London. You’ll find many precious characters there that are rarely found in other areas. Possibilities are that you may also find the Pikachu there who is the most favorite and desired character of all the Pokemon Go Players.

8 Ball pool

8 Ball pool is another interesting game that will help you stay busy and entertained and you’ll be able to collect more coins during this tour because you’ll be able to put all your focus on the game as there’ll be nothing important to focus on when traveling underground.

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