On Day One of my mayoralty, I will establish
Homes for Londoners

Building a strong and successful London – One London – means Londoners having a home, at a price they can afford, where they feel safe and where they can put down roots. But for too many Londoners, that simple idea is out of reach.

We need urgent action to tackle London’s housing crisis. As Mayor of London, I will make housing my number one priority.

As Mayor of London, I will make housing my number one priority.

Homes for Londoners -
building One London

The last time London was building the homes it needed, the Greater London Council and the boroughs were building more than 23,000 homes per year. That was back in the early Seventies.

Last year, they built just 40.

The next Mayor needs to take the lead, building thousands of homes that Londoners can afford on the vast swathes of land that the Mayor owns.

Transport for London alone owns 5,700 acres of land - that's an area of 9 square miles, the size of the entire London Borough of Camden.

I will use that land to build more than 2,000 affordable homes a year, and keep doing so for the next 20 years.


We need a step change in the number of homes we’re building

As Mayor I will mobilise all the resources of London to get us building again – starting on the Mayor’s own land.

TFL owns land the size of Camden. I’ll get London building on that land.

I will use Homes for Londoners to build thousands of new homes in high quality mixed communities that set the bar for development in our city.


We must build the workforce and skills to ensure London can tackle the housing crisis

We face construction workforce shortages, while Londoners are unable to get a foot on the jobs ladder in the building industry.

As Mayor I will invest in thousands of Londoners so they can develop the skills to work in the construction industry through a major apprenticeship programme.

And I will do more to support small and medium building firms to play a role on house building.


We must bring home ownership within reach of Londoners once again

We are not going to give up on the dream that young people have, that they will one day own their own home.

Because it’s not just the poorest who are being left behind by the homes crisis. Young Londoners on modest incomes must be able once more to get a foot on the housing ladder.

We can't turn on the supply overnight, but we can build homes where every payment goes towards owning your own home, without the need for an upfront deposit.

I will introduce a major new programme to significantly expand rent to buy – creating a new option for young Londoners, who can afford to pay for a home but can’t afford to pay for a deposit.

I will do this by prioritising the building of rent to buy properties through Homes for Londoners and using my planning powers to require affordable home ownership.

This will build on the excellent work of schemes like Genie Homes, which allows first time buyers to rent a home, with no deposit, and become the home owner after 30 years, acquiring equity along the way.


We must secure a fair deal for renters

Increasing numbers of Londoners are renting their homes privately, including many more with children. Yet prices are out of control, and the quality simply isn’t good enough. I’ve heard from Londoners all over the city paying top rates to live in sub-standard conditions.

Tell me about your housing horrors

I want to see a new generation of purpose built rented homes, bringing choice and quality at a reasonable rent. And I will champion the rights of the boroughs to intervene in the private rented sector to drive up the quality of homes. More specifically:

  • I will campaign for the right to regulate the private rented sector in London so that tenants will get the right to have 3 year contract where prices rise by no more than CPI in any given year.
  • I will also prioritise the creation of institutional private rented sector schemes in London – offering up land through Homes for Londoners.
  • I also support the right of councils to introduce mandatory licensing schemes for private landlords

Mixed communities

We must build real communities, not just houses

We must build new homes in a way that makes Londoners the number one priority and tackles inequality, in a way that builds one city, one London.

We will need to build these homes at a higher density but we can only do this if we build the schools, health centres and other facilities that are needed to support strong communities.

We need new homes with mixed communities at their heart that harness London’s diversity. Let’s make sure that new homes unite communities rather than dividing them.

None of this is easy, but I am determined to lead a City Hall with real capacity to act. All of these critical priorities I can address from day one within the existing powers of the Mayor.

But I want to do more. I will fight for new powers for the Mayor and national policy changes, to better allow me to deliver the long-term changes that Londoners need.

Empty Homes Scandal

We must make sure that houses are used as homes

We cannot stand by as luxury homes lie empty while families are housed in temporary accommodation.

I will work with the boroughs and use my planning powers as Mayor to take a tougher stance on empty homes and incentivise owners to bring properties back into use.

Read more about my plans to tackle empty homes

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