Moving Abroad – Advantages and disadvantages of an Aadhar Card in India

Do you know what an Aadhar card is? Well, it is a unique Identification evidence that Indian Government has given to all of the citizens residing in India in the present day. Aadhar is particularly a specific identification of a person living in the India.

Those who are unaware of the Aadhar card should know that it is a combination of 12-digit numbers that differentiate you from other Indian citizens. In order to check the status of the Aadhar card, you can access the official website of the UAIDAI, where you will be required to enter your Aadhar number and the status will appear instantly on your screen.

Indian Government is planning to use Aadhar card for the various other important purposes instead of just limiting it to the identity. Here are some expected uses:

Advantages of Aadhar Card: –

Disadvantages of Aadhar Card: –

There are several advantages and disadvantages of Aadhar card but we hope that the Government will overcome these issues and will turn the disadvantages into advantages.