I want to build One London – where we all share in our city’s success. But today, too many Londoners feel like the opportunity in our city isn’t for them.

For many children and young people, London is the greatest city in the world to grow up. It is a city of huge opportunities and excitement; the best schools in the country; and real cultural vibrancy. But these experiences are not ones shared by all of London’s children and young people. This damaging divide tears at the social fabric of our city entrenching inequality for generations to come.

Despite being the nation’s richest region, London has some of the highest rates of child poverty in Britain. Nearly 4 in 10 of London’s children grow up in poverty. In some boroughs, that figure reaches close to 50 per cent. But, underlining the gulf in wealth and opportunity in our city, that figure is two-thirds lower in the capital’s most prosperous boroughs.

And too many Londoners work hard but don’t receive a fair day’s pay for a hard day’s work. That has to change. Everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the best of London.

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