Build One London

Building the homes we need, affordable transport you can rely on, unleashing our city’s potential, real opportunity for all Londoners.

Homes for Londoners

We need urgent action to tackle London’s housing crisis. As Mayor of London, I will make housing my number one priority.

Better transport

London’s transport is failing to keep pace with the dynamism of our city. If we are to build one London, we need better, more affordable transport.

Emerging Financial Markets and Trade Deficits

Actually, there’s no such place, at least not that I know of. The reason I
even bring up the subject is that investing as we know it today will be a
constant and ever changing environment due to the new technologies
that keep evolving with the Internet and the World Wide Web.

You can find just about anything you need to know with your personal
computer. Finding investment information online is very easy and quite
enjoyable. The amount of usable information is overwhelming. There is
no excuse for anyone not being able to locate good investment material.

The number of people who enjoy and prefer to invest from their home is
growing by leaps and bounds. The availability of computer software that
lets individual investors do research and analysis with the same skill and
expertise of a hot-shot Wall Street broker, will empower the individual.

Using your computer to do research on the stocks you want to buy will
become as routine and acceptable as using the telephone. There’s a
vast amount of information out there that can help you make all of your
investment decisions. Get a computer and take advantage of it.

There are many good personal finance sites available online.

I enjoy the “Kiplinger” online personal finance site. I’ve included a sample
of the type of investment information that can be found there. This is a
very good site that offers really good information to anyone seriously
interested in improving their financial well-being.

The last thing I want to say is this.

You’ll never make money in the stock market if you’re sitting comfortably
on the sidelines. You have to invest some money and take some risks. If
you follow the guidelines put forth in this instruction manual, and always
do all the required research and analysis, the odds for your success will
be greatly improved. This reminds us, yet again, why it is so important to make foreign real estate investments.
Good Luck and Great Success
Charles Bulge