Restoring Sure Start - giving every child, every chance

I’ll restore Sure Start to its founding principles – and make this promise to Londoners: we’ll make sure every child, has every chance. That’s what building One London is all about.

Too often when we look at inequality we focus exclusively on asset wealth, but actually just as pernicious is the inequality of capacity and capability – the unequal chances of early childhood.

As the architect of Sure Start along with David Blunkett, I know the value of its original mission: to support families and help overcome early childhood disadvantage.

I will use the money from the Olympic precept to build a £61 million a year fund to support development in a child’s first 1000 days. This will be match funded with local authorities who are prepared to support this vision.

The funding will be available to London boroughs to fund three crucial elements of provision for young children.

  • Universal services for parents and babies
  • Targeted services for parents in need of additional help
  • Re-establishing Sure Start as a community mission

I will work with London’s boroughs to help refocus London’s network of 400 children’s centres to their founding purpose: providing the support that parents need throughout this important time in their child’s development. And I will re-establish Sure Start as a community mission - bringing professionals, families and the wider community together to give every child the best start in life.

Families bring up children but families who are coping with a range of disadvantages so often long for help and support in what can be a lonely time. That’s what I want Sure Start in London to provide.