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I was born a Londoner.

I love London. I was born here, my children were born here, I’ve worked here all my life. This is a unique city, with an energy like nowhere else in the world.

I’m so proud of London, but I know that too many Londoners don’t share in our city’s success.

I’ve been a childcare officer in Brixton, working with decent families in tremendous poverty. I was a psychiatric social worker in Southwark, helping those who need extra support to get on in life. I’ve seen the true impact of the inequality that holds our city back.

I’ve always fought to build a better, fairer society. That’s what politics is about. It’s not about soaring speeches, and nice sound bites, it’s about delivery – actually making things better, whatever obstacles are put in your way. I’ve always tried to remember that.

As a councillor in Camden I fought for equal pay when people said it was a waste of time – but we won.

As an MP in Dulwich and West Norwood I fought for and won new schools for our community when others said we should settle for what we’ve got.

As a cabinet Minister I worked with David Blunkett to establish Sure Start – which has helped 100,000s of young Londoners children get a better start in life.

And in 2002 I was the Secretary of State who took the decision to bid for the Olympics in London. It wasn’t easy. Everyone was sceptical. First the department tried to talk me out of it. But I won them over.

Then the Prime Minister said he wasn’t convinced. But I talked him round. Then I convinced the cabinet.

Then – when everyone told us Paris had it in the bag – I got on a plane with the rest of the bid team and we talked the world round as well.

And we delivered the greatest Games the world has ever seen – and London was the star of the show.

The Gamesmakers, the atmosphere in our city, that sense that our home is truly the best place on earth. We all felt it.

The Olympics were a success because we had the best people doing their best work for a great cause. We need to bring that same sense to building One London today.

Every day I see another reason why I want to be the Mayor of London – another example of the things I want to change. The Housing crisis, the inequality that threatens to tear our city apart, the searing lack of opportunity that robs so many young Londoners of their potential…. So it all comes down to this.

I believe I can deliver the change that London needs.

I’ve always fought for Londoners, I’ve delivered for London before and I want to fight for the people of this city again.

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