Why Mom’s Are Loving Over the Range Microwaves in 2018

Moms love precisely designed kitchen appliances,which not only appear as a perfect match to the sleek design of their kitchen, but also save on the space. We all are aware that moms do not like appliances that hog a lot of space. Over the Range Microwaves, or OTR as they are mainly referred to as, are therefore the best option available for moms who love quality microwaves without taking up too much space.

Their design allows them to go well with other kitchen devices according to this report. However,there are some other bigger advantages that make these microwaves a perfect option. They are outlined below.

For moms who love to save on space, and I hope all moms do like to save on space, this microwave will serve you well. It helps you save on space significantly,especially in small kitchen areas where it is hard to fit all of your other kitchen devices. With this microwave design, you will not need to tuck away every appliance on the kitchen counter. This is probably the main reason as to why major stores are having record surges in sales of this sleek design.

Reviewers (mainly women) say that it greatly saves on space especially when it is installed at a height that allows you to use it. Another advantage is that the OTR will offer your kitchen a range hood that will evacuate food odor and steam. This helps to keep that air fresh and clean. The range hood is provided by the incorporated fans in the microwave. This means that you will have two items in one,which increases the functionality.

Additionally, when using an over the range microwave, it’s usually out of reach from children since it sits up so high above the stove.  This is great for parents with younger children who are worried about their kids misusing or abusing the microwave.  Because it is placed high above the counter, you will not have to worry about children ever reaching and using it when you go out. Moms prefer it for safety, as the adage goes,’safety first’.

Finally, there are other features that are built into the microwave that make it an excellent kitchen appliance. In addition to the precise design, most OTR microwaves come with a cook function timer and an auto shut-off feature.  To see some side by side comparisons, here you can find a list of the best over the range microwaves. They also have the reheat setting which determines the cooking time and power level as well.

 In the end the OTR microwave offers both function and sleek design, making it a great addition to any kitchen.  Grab this quality appliance to enjoy these quality functionality features and advantages. If you have any questions, drop a comment and we’ll answer them!

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